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Gallagher I-Post

The I-Post gives the Gallagher Suspension Fence heavy-duty integrity and strength, pulling design inspiration from engineered structural steel beams used in the construction industry. With four post length choices and multiple wire spacing options, there is a suitable post for all fencing requirements, new and old. Made from recycled materials, the 100% insulated high-density polyethylene UV-stabilised I-Post is the tailor-made solution for permanent perimeter, internal subdivision, wildlife exclusion and retrofit fencing solutions.



Reliable control and exclusion of all animal types

Suitable options for fencing all types of livestock, as well as excluding invasive species such as kangaroo, foxes, feral pigs, deer, and wild dogs


Fence further with less material than other fencing systems

Superior I-Post stability requires less posts per meter than other fence designs: typically, an I-Post every 4 meters on flat terrain, two suspended, with every third I-Post clipped onto a steel post with only 2 clips


Resilient fence line that stands tall through challenging conditions

Suspension design means the I-Post has a higher tolerance to natural events such as flooding and slips. The polyethylene material is also able to withstand heat up to 235°C, before any degradation or distortion, equal to the integrity of galvanised wire through fire events

*Tested to withstand 235°C for a 15-minute period


Long-lasting heavy-duty integrity and strength guaranteed

Design inspired from engineered structural steel beams commonly used in the construction industry. Backed by a 10-year warranty


Simple, yet versatile fencing system

Multiple hole configurations – designed to align with traditional steel post wire spacing options, providing customers and fence contractors flexibility without complexity. Design any fence, with the choice of four I-Post lengths, suitable for all domesticated livestock containment, feral exclusion and land conservation requirements


Superior insulation with significantly reduced risk of fence faults

The new and improved I-Post design nestles perfectly into “Y” shaped steel posts, removing the ability for the fence wire to contact the steel post and create faults in your fence system. The fully -insulated post material also removes the need for additional insulators. Suspended I-Posts have no contact with the ground, enabling fence voltage to carry further, with less chance of faults occurring


Construct a high-performing fence to control any animal, regardless of ground condition

The fully insulated I-Post isolates each fence, enabling multiple live and earth wire options depending on the invasive animals requiring to be managed, and the quality of the earthing system supporting your fence


Australia-made, long-lasting, recycled materials

Locally made post, made of UV-stabilised recycled high-density polyethylene material


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