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34 Product(s) Found
34 Product(s) Found
  • Single Reel Lead Connector
    Single Reel Lead Connector
    • Connect to a single reel
    • UV resistant
  • Large Geared Reel
    Large Geared Reel
    • Fast, easy wind in on longer fence lengths
    • Impact resistant reel guide
  • Multi Reel Lead Connector
    Multi Reel Lead Connector
    • Connect up to three reels to an Energizer or permanent electric fence
    • UV resistant, highly visible bright red insulated plastic clips
  • Smart Fence 2
    Smart Fence 2
    • Portable, all in one fence system
    • Quick and easy to put up and take down
  • Tumble Wheel
    Tumble Wheel
    • Maintain power while moving fence
    • Made from lightweight, non-corrosive materials
  • Extendable Heavy Duty Multi Wire Treadin Post
    Extendable Heavy Duty Multi Wire Treadin Post
    • An extendable, heavy-duty portable fence option 
    • Ideal for horses
  • Heavy Duty Plastic Multiwire Treadin
    Heavy Duty Plastic Multiwire Treadin
    • Multiple wire heights
    • Effective livestock control
  • Multi Wire Treadin Post
    Multi Wire Treadin Post
    • Multiple wire size, heights and spacing
    • 880mm high post
  • Reel Stand
    Reel Stand
    Variants available
    • Rust resistance
    • Ideal for holding multiple reels
  • Steel Multiwire Treadin Post
    Steel Multiwire Treadin Post
    Variants available
    • Custom wire heights and spacing
    • UV protected plastic insulators
    • 875mm and 1500mm plastic options
  • Standard Reel
    Standard Reel
    • Fast, easy to wind in
    • Impact resistant reel guide
  • Small Reel
    Small Reel
    • Compact, lightweight reel
    • Use on shorter, less frequently moved portable fences
  • 40mm Turbo Tape
    40mm Turbo Tape
    • Heavy duty tape with 15 strands of mixed metals
    • Superior shock with 10 x conductivity of standard poly tape
  • 5mm Turbo Equine Braid
    5mm Turbo Equine Braid
    Variants available
    • Ideal for horses
    • Heavy duty, rope like material
  • Insulated Handle
    Insulated Handle
    Variants available
    • Easy to handle
    • Large moulded insulated hook
  • 2.5mm Turbo Wire
    2.5mm Turbo Wire
    Variants available
    • Superior shock delivery
    • Ideal for animal control
  • 12.5mm Turbo Tape
    12.5mm Turbo Tape
    Variants available
    • High quality
    • Superior shock quality
  • 12.5mm Poly Tape
    12.5mm Poly Tape
    Variants available
    • High visibility
    • Effective animal control
  • Geared Reel
    Geared Reel
    Variants available
    • Available reel only and prewound
    • Fast and easy wind in
  • Economy Reel
    Economy Reel
    • Lightweight and strong
    • For use on shorter, less frequently moved portable fences