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TWR-1 Weigh Scale & EID Tag Reader


The revolutionary TWR-1 makes the entire weighing and EID system faster and simpler than ever before.

A market-first integrated EID reader simplifies the weighing process, enabling the task of reading and weighing to be done by one person.

1 Year Warranty


Integrated EID Reader
Completely automated to enable the task of reading and weighing to be done by one person. Removes the need to charge, transport and setup a second piece of equipment when managing livestock. Capture weights and EIDs or alternatively use the TWR -1 to capture only EIDs.

Draft by Weight Gain
Allows you to quickly identify and separate animals not meeting target growth rates. Complementing the ability to draft into weight classes, the ability to sort based on weight gain is a powerful feature of the TWR -1.

Intuitive Touch Screen
Navigate through expensive electronic devices using touch technology.

Bright, Daylight readable colour LCD
Market leading visibility in all conditions. The toughened glass face is scratch resistant and easy to keep clean. The large 7" display provides ample room to display the most important information in an easily readable size.

Simple User Interface
The dynamic collect screen layout adjusts to fit selected information in a large and easy to read format.

Animal notes and Note alerts
Record notes against animals on the spot for later review. Note alerts pop-up and halt any action until acknowledged - which eliminates errors when dealing with critical actions or warnings.

Flexible Connectivity Options
Whether connecting to drafters or readers via a serial cable, to a PC via USB or Utilising the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless options, the TWR-1 has every option available.

Flexible Mounting Options
Able to be comfortably used sitting flat on a drum or mounted to a vertical surface via the bracket. 

Graphs and Statistical Analysis on Device
The TWR-1 can show individual weigh gain graphs, as well as weigh distribution plots for a weighing session. 

On-Board Help
The entire product manual is baked into the product. No matter where you are, or what you are trying to do on the product help is only a touch away.

Simple Calibration Process
The TWR- 1 series will automatically interface with Gallagher 2000kg, 3500kg and 4500kg loadbars, the 5000kg heavy duty weigh feet, as well as 250kg and 500kg hang cells. 

Gallagher Antenna Panel is not included and can be purchased separately




    • Model
    • Compatible with Gallagher Livestock web/mobile app
    • Drafting
    • EID Compatiable
    • Intergrated EID Reader
    • Internal rechargeable battery
    • Number of Traits Recorded
    • View Pedigree Tree
    • Wifi

    TW Scale Indicator Simulator

    Our Touch Screen Scale Simulator allows you to explore seven of the most commonly performed tasks. Select a button below to get started. Please note in this simulation we use kilograms. Users have the option of setting their measurement preference to pounds.

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