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One Tank System with Wall Mount Touchscreen Display


Detect and repair water supply issues before they become a crisis. A complete, simple solution for the monitoring and management of tank water and other liquids.

1 Year Warranty


The system includes a wall mounted LCD display unit, a level sensor and a tank unit.

Wall Mounted Touchscreen Display Unit

  • Shows the tank information at a glance
  • Easy to operate high res 2.8" colour touchscreen display
  • Up to nine Tank Units can be monitored via one Display Unit
  • Also used to set up and control the Wireless Pump Controller

Tank Unit

  • Transmits the data measured by the sensor to the Display Unit
  • The Tank Unit needs to be line of sight with the Touchscreen Display Unit
  • Solar powered - no need to change batteries
  • Standard multi directional antenna for shorter distances (see Tech Specs) - can be upgraded with Long/Ultra Long Ranger Directional Antenna to increase range
  • Strong weather resistant materials for durability in farming conditions

Level Sensor (4m or 10m options)

  • Measures liquid level in the tank using pressure
  • Super high quality materials and construction for long life. [link to Tech Specs]
  • Precision locking connector
  • Automatic calibration.


  • (3.0) Anonymous / (30/06/2020)
    I have been using Gallagher wireless water level system on 2 tanks for over 6 years, initially I had many issue with the sensor, making sure it sits at least 150mm above the bottom of the tank and also improvement on the quality of the sensor has resolved this issue. The worst part is the battery that dies after 4-5 years and cannot be replaced, so Expensive to have to replace a tank unit & Sensor Next is the solar panel that becomes opaque and loose efficiency. This needs improvement: Replaceable battery and optional input for external solar panel or power source.
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