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Found "74" Products for " gate-kits"
74 Product(s) Found
74 Product(s) Found
  • Gallagher Mega Anchor <em class="search-results-highlight">Gate</em> <em class="search-results-highlight">Kit</em>
    Gallagher Mega Anchor Gate Kit
    • 1 x Top Bracket
    • 1 x Bottom Bracket
    • 1 x Chain Latch
    • 10 x screws
  • Electric <em class="search-results-highlight">Gate</em> <em class="search-results-highlight">Kit</em>
    Electric Gate Kit
    • Construct a custom tape or braid gate of any size
  • Drive Through Electric <em class="search-results-highlight">Gate</em> <em class="search-results-highlight">Kit</em> Hardware <em class="search-results-highlight">Kit</em>
    Drive Through Electric Gate Kit Hardware Kit
    • Safe and reliable
    • Replacement for high use farm and road gates 
  • Economy <em class="search-results-highlight">Gate</em> <em class="search-results-highlight">Kit</em> Complete with Screw Fastener
    Economy Gate Kit Complete with Screw Fastener
    • An economy range suited for lighter gates with lower stock pressure
  • 40mm Tape <em class="search-results-highlight">Gate</em> End Joiner
    40mm Tape Gate End Joiner
    • Spare part for Electric Tape Gate (G64100) and Electric Gate Kit (G64110).
  • Transportation &lt;em class=&#034;search-results-highlight&#034;&gt;Kit&lt;/em&gt;
    Transportation Kit
    • High quality
    • For sheep handler auto weigh crutch and dag
  • MBS1000i Multi Powered Fence Energizer Solar <em class="search-results-highlight">Kit</em>
    MBS1000i Multi Powered Fence Energizer Solar Kit
    • Powers up to 11km/100 acres
    • 10 Joules
  • M5800i Fence Energizer Solar <em class="search-results-highlight">Kit</em>
    M5800i Fence Energizer Solar Kit
    • Powers up to 35km/600 acres
    • 58 Joules
  • MBS1800i Fence Energizer Solar <em class="search-results-highlight">Kit</em>
    MBS1800i Fence Energizer Solar Kit
    • Powers up to 17km/190 acres
    • 18 Joules
  • Super Earth <em class="search-results-highlight">Kit</em>
    Super Earth Kit
    • Effective in poor earthing soils
    • Equivalent to three stakes
  • Gallagher Mega Anchor Stay <em class="search-results-highlight">Kit</em>
    Gallagher Mega Anchor Stay Kit
    • 1 x Brace Mega Anchor
    • 1 x Brace bracket
    • 1 x 2400 mm Stay 32NB (2.0mm wall thickness)
    • 3 x 900 mm 32NB Piles (2mm wall thickness)
    • 12 x screws
  • Gallagher Mega Anchor Post <em class="search-results-highlight">Kit</em>
    Gallagher Mega Anchor Post Kit
    • 1 x Post Mega Anchor
    • 1 x 1600 mm 50NB Post (2.3mm wall thickness)
    • 1 x Post cap
    • 3 x 1200 mm 32NB Piles (2mm wall thickness)
    • 8 x screws
  • Flood <em class="search-results-highlight">Gate</em> Controller
    Flood Gate Controller
    • Protects voltage integrity
    • Ideal for floods
  • Electric Tape <em class="search-results-highlight">Gate</em>
    Electric Tape Gate
    • Easy to set up
    • Pre-assembled and highly visible gate
  • <em class="search-results-highlight">Gate</em> Handle
    Gate Handle
    • Highly visible
    • Large shield on handle to protect from shocks
  • Heavy Duty Weigh Feet <em class="search-results-highlight">Kit</em>
    Heavy Duty Weigh Feet Kit
    • Weighing capacity of 5000kg
    • Heavy duty stainless steel
  • High Strain Insulator <em class="search-results-highlight">Kit</em>
    High Strain Insulator Kit
    • Simplest option for end strain insulation
  • Insulated Wire Strainer <em class="search-results-highlight">Kit</em>
    Insulated Wire Strainer Kit
    • No wire tying
    • Fast & simple
  • Field <em class="search-results-highlight">Gate</em> Set 25x16x275mm - Zinc Electroplated
    Field Gate Set 25x16x275mm - Zinc Electroplated
    • Nickel plate coating
  • Field <em class="search-results-highlight">Gate</em> Set 16x25x400mm
    Field Gate Set 16x25x400mm
    • Premium gate pack with reliable nickel plate coating for superior durability