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31 Product(s) Found
31 Product(s) Found
  • Standard Reel
    Standard Reel
    • Fast, easy to wind in
    • Impact resistant reel guide
  • 2.86mm Turbo Braid
    2.86mm Turbo Braid
    • Superior animal control
    • Heavy duty wire with mixed metals
  • 5mm Turbo Equine Braid
    5mm Turbo Equine Braid
    Variants available
    • Ideal for horses
    • Heavy duty, rope like material
  • 2.5mm Turbo Wire
    2.5mm Turbo Wire
    Variants available
    • Superior shock delivery
    • Ideal for animal control
  • 2mm Poly Wire
    2mm Poly Wire
    Variants available
    • High resistance
    • For portable electric fencing
  • Geared Reel
    Geared Reel
    Variants available
    • Available reel only and prewound
    • Fast and easy wind in
  • Economy Reel Prewound with Poly Wire
    Economy Reel Prewound with Poly Wire
    • Lightweight and strong
    • Prewound with 500m Poly Wire
  • 2.5mm Turbo Wire - Orange
    2.5mm Turbo Wire - Orange
    • Superior shock delivery
    • Ideal for snowy conditions
  • Fibreglass Rod Post
    Fibreglass Rod Post
    • Highly visible white fiberglass
    • Excellent for fence construction
  • Turbo Electric Sheep Netting
    Turbo Electric Sheep Netting
    • Contains 9 horizontal twines
    • 35 inch tall prefabricated fence
  • Garden & Backyard Protection Kit
    Garden & Backyard Protection Kit
    • Do it yourself kit
    • Affodable and easy to use
  • Poultry Netting 26m
    Poultry Netting 26m
    • Ideal for moving poultry
    • Easy setup and installation
  • Tread-in Plastic Double Foot Post
    Tread-in Plastic Double Foot Post
    • Sturdy and durable
    • 39" in Length from spike
  • Ring Top Post
    Ring Top Post
    • ​​​​​​Eliminate shorting
    • Superior strength
  • Heavy Duty Multi Wire Ring Top Post
    Heavy Duty Multi Wire Ring Top Post
    • Multiple wire heights
    • Ideal for hard, stony ground
  • Insulated Portable Handle
    Insulated Portable Handle
    Variants available
    • Secure insulated hook 
    • Easy retrieval through pasture when winding in
  • Dual Purpose Handle
    Dual Purpose Handle
    Variants available
    • Liven the fence from either the reel or handle end
    • Secure insulated hook
  • Tumblewheel
    • Maintain power while moving fence
    • Made from lightweight, non-corrosive materials
  • Standard Pigtail
    Standard Pigtail
    • High visibility
    • Lightweight, yet strong spring steel
  • 40mm Turbo Tape
    40mm Turbo Tape
    • High visibility tape
    • Superior connectivity