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What you need to consider

Gallagher has both rechargeable and disposable battery powered Energizers available. The B200 and B300 use a 12-volt rechargeable battery whereas, the B40 and B11 use disposable batteries. Alternatively, our Solar range of Energizers uses solar panel technology to keep an internal battery charged removing the need to manually recharge or replace the battery.
Need some help figuring out your energizer needs?
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7 Product(s) Found
7 Product(s) Found
  • B60 Battery Fence Energizer
    B60 Battery Fence Energizer
    • Powers up to 15 miles/60 acres
    • 0.6 Joules
  • MBS800 Multi-power Fence Energizer
    MBS800 Multi-power Fence Energizer
    • Powers up to 90 miles/520 acres
    • 8 Joules
  • MBS400 Multi-power Fence Energizer
    MBS400 Multi-power Fence Energizer
    • Powers up to 60 miles/280 acres
    • 4 Joules
  • MBS200 Fence Energizer
    MBS200 Fence Energizer
    • Powers up to 45 miles/160 acres
    • 2 Joules
  • MB150 Fence Energizer
    MB150 Fence Energizer
    • Powers up to 30 miles/100 acres
    • 1.5 Joules
  • MBS1800i Fence Energizer
    MBS1800i Fence Energizer
    • Powers up to 200 miles/1200 acres
    • 18 Joules
  • MBS2800i Fence Energizer
    MBS2800i Fence Energizer
    • Powers up to 250 miles/1500 acres
    • 28 Joules