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An EID tag reader is a critical part of making the most of your livestock weighing system, enabling you to reap the maximum value from animal EID tags, beyond simple compliance.  

Rather than making decisions based on herd averages, EID tags allow each animal to be treated as an individual – tracking each animals performance and offering insight to optimise their performance and your results.  

Gallagher load bars are designed to stand the test of time. Made from hot dipped galvanised, corrosion resistant steel, with load cells that are protected, fully waterproof and contain no moving parts, ensuring accurate weights, year after year. 

Available in cabled and wireless options with weight capacities from 1500kg up to 5000kg. These load bars are suitable for weighing with most livestock platforms, sheep crates, wool presses, as well as the 5000kg option for weighing with heavy cattle crushes.  

Our Gallagher Platform combines strength and portability to reduce the time and hassle involved in weighing sessions.

Weighing livestock is a powerful performance measurement tool. A livestock’s weight gives insight into animal growth, health and performance, allowing farmers to make more informed management decisions using data that is accurate and easily collect on a weigh scale. 

With a weighing solution suitable for all levels of livestock weighing, the Gallagher range is also fully compatible with the Animal Performance web & mobile app for seamless data management and analysis tools.