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11000lbs Heavy Duty Load Bars


Heavy Duty Load Bars are designed to withstand large shock loads, ideal for weighing the heaviest of livestock in large cattle crushes. Internal load cells are protected, fully waterproof and contain no moving parts, ensuring accurate weights, year after year. 


Suitable for loads up to 5000kg, made with fully galvanised, corrosion resistant steel, capped with heavy duty mounting plates at each end. Fitted with load bar cables coated in stainless steel springs for protection against impact and chewing rodents, these load bars are designed to stand the test of time with the hardest of impacts and movements.

CAD $3,489.99
  • G063 HD Loadbars 3500kg, 30 Deg
2 Year Warranty


Designed to withstand large shock loads, ideal for weighing livestock in a cattle crush 

Heavy duty load bar chassis and mounting plates suitable for the heaviest of cattle crushes and animals 


Added cable protection with stainless steel springs  

Stainless steel spring protects 6m long polyurethane cables from impact and chewing rodents 


Tough, farm ready exterior 

Waterproof, hot-dip galvanised steel chassis construction built to withstand the harshest of farming environments 


Easy to secure and install to your cattle crush 

Protruding load feet with mounting holes extend beyond the load bar frame to easily secure the load bar to the ground and slotted top mounting holes designed to secure the load bar to the cattle crush 


Reliable and secure weigh scale connection 

Cables are fitted with high quality, waterproof weigh scale connectors with screw on end caps for added protection 


Accurate livestock weights, time after time 

Fully sealed, waterproof load cells that contain no moving parts, ensuring no wear over time and providing accurate weights, year after year 


No weigh scale calibration required 

Compatible with the full Gallagher Weigh Scale range without needing to calibrate for accuracy. Also compatible with most other makes and models of weigh scales  


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