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Drive Through Electric Gate Kit - Rods


Hard wearing and long lasting, flexible glass fibre rod(s). Use with the Drive Through Electric Gate Hardware Kit to stop all large livestock.

4.88m/ 16ft (2 Rods) (G71116)

1 Year Warranty


  • Reliable, durable and flexible glass fibre rods covered in electrically conductive rubber. Stops all large livestock
  • Safe to use with any farm vehicle as rubber coating prevents damage to vehicle paintwork
  • Safe and easy access for pedestrians on foot - just open the gate using the insulated hand grips
  • The rod(s) fit standard gate fittings
  • Use the rod with the Drive Through Electric Gate Hardware Kit (G71100)
  • Rod lengths available:
    • 1.20m / 4ft Gate (1 Rod) (G71104)
    • 3.66m / 12ft Gate (2 Rods) (G71112)
    • 4.27m / 14ft Gate (2 Rods) (G71114)
    • 4.88m / 16ft Gate (2 Rods) (G71116)


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