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What you need to consider

This is very important if you plan to use a mains Energizers. If you do not have access to reliable mains power, please go to the multi powered, battery or solar Energizer sections.
Mains Energizers are designed for permanent installations where reliable mains power is available. If you plan to move your Energizer to power different locations or sections of fence a battery or solar Energizer would be more suitable. Or, for flexibility you can choose a Multi Powered Energizer which has all three power options
Gallagher recommends always purchasing an Energizer with more power than you require. More power provides more confidence that the fence will perform despite unexpected shorts like vegetation growth. Also, electric fence systems tend to grow, so purchase an Energizer with headroom to power additional future fence.
Need help figuring out the right products for you?

2 Product(s) Found
2 Product(s) Found
  • M12,000i Mains Fence Energizer
    M12,000i Mains Fence Energizer
    • Powers up to 1200 acres/480 hectares
    • 120 Joules
  • M6000i Mains Fence Energizer
    M6000i Mains Fence Energizer
    • Powers up to 600 acres/240 hectares
    • 60 Joules