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TWR-5 Weigh Scale & Reader


Simplify the weighing experience.


The Gallagher TWR-5 is the next generation of Weigh Scale and Data Collectors and includes a built in EID reader. The TWR-5 supports the simultaneous recording of up to 9 traits with multiple custom trait definitions and life data recordings. 


The touch screen weigh scale makes weighing and data management easier than ever before. View, do weight based calculations, manage and analyse your animal data, all on an easy to use, fully intuitive touch screen.


Access your data anywhere


View your animal data from anywhere at any time, on multiple devices. The NEW Animal Performance Web and Mobile App allows you to synchronise your animal data to your PC or mobile without leaving the yard.


Login to access your Animal Performance App

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NZD $4,835.00
1 Year Warranty


Market leading touch screen technology
Full colour, outdoor readable touch screen

Record treatments on the spot
Animals can be weighed and administered the correct dose rate, all recorded on the weigh scale at the time of treatment.

Animal data analysis on device
Shows individual weight gain graphs, as well as weight distribution plots for all animals
within a weighing session.

Ultimate user experience
Execution of tasks have been tested to ensure that we deliver the most farmer friendly experience on the market.

Tough, rugged exterior
Farm ready, tough design.

Integrated EID reader
Built in EID reader means the farmer can plug the weigh scale straight in to an EID antenna panel (sold seperately) to record weights and easily scan EID tags. This eliminates the need to purchase a separate EID reader.

On board help, 24/7
The entire product manual is loaded into the product. Help is only one click away.

Animal notes and note alerts
Record notes against animals on the spot for later review.

Comprehensive recording of life data and traits
For farmers wanting to record and review more information than simply weight on their animals. Record up to 9 traits per session.

Draft up to 9 groups by weight, weight gain, predetermined EID list or by recorded life data and traits.

Flexible mounting options
Easy to use sitting flat, or mounted to a vertical surface. The adjustable mounting bracket allows you to easily tailor the viewing angle for optimum visibility.

No loadbar cables needed – compatible with Wireless Loadbars

Bluetooth® connectivity to Wireless Loadbars removes the hassle and risk of cables being chewed by rodents, stood on by stock or damage to traditional scale connectors

TWR -5 Comes with:

• Tough and convenient Gallagher carry case
• Mounting bracket
• Micro-fibre screen cloth
• Battery charging cable
• Mains charging cable
• USB drive loaded with APS software
• USB cable for data transfer to PC



Connecting the integrated reader on the TWR Weigh Scale.

Gallagher Weighing and EID Product Manager Brian Rose demonstrates how to connect and use the integrated EID reader on the new Gallagher TWR Touch Screens Weigh Scales.



    • Model
    • Drafting
    • EID Compatible
    • Intergrated EID Reader
    • Internal rechargeable battery
    • Number of Traits Recorded
    • View Pedigree Tree
    • Wifi
    • RRP

    TW Scale Indicator Simulator

    Our Touch Screen Scale Simulator allows you to explore seven of the most commonly performed tasks. Select a button below to get started. Please note in this simulation we use kilograms. Users have the option of setting their measurement preference to pounds.

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