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What you need to consider

Depending on the animals you are wanting to control there are a few things to think of, such as how many wires does your fence need to have? How far apart do your posts need to be? Gallagher offers a range of animal specific fencing products to suit your needs. Use our Fence Selector to build the fence you require
A Retrofit/offset electric fencing is an economical and easy to install option if you have an existing or new non-electric fence that you want to protect.
While the heart of your electric fence is your energizer, fence posts are the backbone of your fence system. A permanent fence post needs to stand straight and solid for many years. Permanent fence line posts typically have about one third of their length underground, so add half as much again to the height of your fence to determine the post length. There are four types of permanent fence posts: wood, steel, fibreglass, and Gallagher Insulated Line Posts.
Need some help figuring out the right fencing products for you?
6 Product(s) Found
6 Product(s) Found
  • Double Loop Pivoting Spring
    Double Loop Pivoting Spring
    • Allows the fence to stretch and maintain tension during irrigator crossing.
  • End Strain Spring Assembly
    End Strain Spring Assembly
    • Spring assembly allows the fence to stretch during irrigator crossing.
    • For end of fence installation.
  • Anchor Post 10pk
    Anchor Post 10pk
    • Keeps fence locked to the ground.
  • Anchor Rope and D Shackle 10pk
    Anchor Rope and D Shackle 10pk
    • Part of the anchor system to keep fence locked to the ground.
  • Wire Anchor Clip
    Wire Anchor Clip
    • A simple clip system 
    • Easy install
  • Pivot Pipe
    Pivot Pipe
    • Stops wire being picked up in tyre tread.