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i Series App Gateway


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Manage, monitor and control your energizer using your phone. Alerting you to issues before they become a crisis with phone-based fence monitoring and realtime fault notifications. Experience peace of mind with the i Series App Gateway connected to the Ag Devices mobile app.


View information about your energizer performance, be alerted of fence faults from Fence Monitors*, adjust your ouput voltage, and turn your fence on and off - all in the palm of your hand.

*i Series Fence Monitors sold seperately

3 Year Warranty


Check your fence performance as you pass by your energizer  

Bluetooth® connectivity updates your Ag Devices app with real-time performance information as you drive or walk past your energizer 


Peace of mind with remote monitoring of fence performance

Know the status of your energizer, 24/7. Manage, monitor, and control your energizer without needing to be on farm or near your energizer*

*If you do not have access to a WiFi network at your Energizer, install a hotspot to provide connectivity


View fence performance at a glance 

LED bar graph indicates energizer voltage performance 


Designed to be installed on the outside of your shed; away from connectivity interference  

Water resistant case with a 10m long cable, designed to be installed on the outside of your energizer shed - in a location that can be seen in passing and away from connectivity issues associated with indoors  


No batteries required – powered by the energizer 

The App Gateway is powered by the Energizer connection – no need to change or recharge batteries 


Compatible with all i Series Energizers 

Simply plug into the back of your i Series Energizer, download the Ag Devices mobile app and follow the in-app prompts to connect 


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