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MiraFount Two Hole Livestock Watering Tank


This Miraco Livestock Waterer 44 gallon is both a thermos and a watering hole for your livestock. When the water enters the MiraFount and the closures float up and seal off the drinking ports, the MiraFount becomes a thermos for livestock. Whenever an animal drinks, it removes a quantity of water which is immediately replaced by ground water through the valve. This exchange of water keeps the water warm, even in the coldest climate, and cool in warm climates. This particular tank can water 150 head of beef cattle or 60 dairy cows. Includes stainless steel anchor bolts and removable top end panels.

USD $888.00

Please contact our Customer Service team here or call 800-531-5908 to order

  • A3390 Mirafount Waterer - Front Facing
5 Year Warranty


  • ​Split top-end panels can be easily removed to help get new cattle started fast
  • Remove the panels to provide extra capacity for a few extra head
  • Stainless steel anchor bolts included



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