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6 Product(s) Found
6 Product(s) Found
  • E-Fount One-Hole Livestock Waterer
    E-Fount One-Hole Livestock Waterer
    • The most economical electric heat waterer
    • Provides water for 50 head of beef cattle 
  • E-Fount Two-Hole Waterer
    E-Fount Two-Hole Waterer
    • Provides 116 litres of water
    • Provides water for 150 head of beef cattle
  • E-Fount Two-Hole Livestock Waterer
    E-Fount Two-Hole Livestock Waterer
    • Provides water for 100 head of beef cattle
    • Durabe and long lasting waterer
  • E-Fount Two-Lid Livestock Waterer
    E-Fount Two-Lid Livestock Waterer
    • Durable and long lasting
    • The most economical electrical heat waterer
  • E-Fount Four-Hole
    E-Fount Four-Hole
    • Contains 50 gallons
    • The most economical electric heat waterer
  • E-Fount Four-Lid Livestock Waterer
    E-Fount Four-Lid Livestock Waterer
    • Contains up to 27 litres of water
    • The most economical electric heat waterer