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HR4 v3 Hand Held EID Tag Reader & Data Collector


Pre-defined data recording and EID scanning. The perfect tool for portable EID data collection, and traceability and compliance. Easy recording of pre-defined animal data against an animal EID tag number, recording within the HR4s internal memory, or with Bluetooth connectivity send EID numbers to a connected weigh scale.  


Prior to starting a session, farmers can pre-define up to 3 traits to record against each animal such as sex, condition score, pregnancy status and more, linking that data to the EID tag number. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect EID tags with animal weights via a connected weigh scale, or wirelessly send and receive EID data and draft list with your Animal Performance mobile app. 

2 Year Warranty


Scan and record electronic ID tags 

Scan RFID tags, linking them to animal weights on a weigh scale or recording them in the EID readers internal memory for data collection or compliance traceability 


Send EID numbers straight to your weigh scale or Animal Performance mobile app 

Bluetooth connectivity to your weigh scale or mobile phone links EID tags with animal weight, allowing you to monitor animal performance data over it’s lifetime.  


Send and receive draft lists and session data from your Animal Performance account 

Bluetooth connectivity to Animal Performance mobile app allows data to be syncronised to your account without needing to visit the office 


Collect data, not just EID numbers 

Choose up to 3 pre-defined traits to record against each animal such as breed, sex, condition score and pregnancy status 


Draft and sort on the go 

Organise your animals based on multiple criteria, the HR4 indicates a draft/sort group by name and colour for your separate out animals accordingly 


Fast and continuous EID reading mode 

Read multiple tags in quick succession with one trigger click – no need to repeatedly click the trigger between reads 


Market leading ergonomic design 

Long reach snout with rubber hand grip and hand guard for added safety 


Large easy to read screen 

2.8” backlit colour display with high resolution large graphics – easy to read indoors and out to clearly read visual ID, EID tag numbers and animal data 


LED light, vibration and beeper 

Know when you have successfully scanned a tag with LED light, hand vibration and beeper keeping you informed 


Easily pair with other devices 

Easily search and connect via Bluetooth to weigh scales and the Gallagher Animal Performance mobile app 

Hand Held



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