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TWR Tag Reader Antenna Panel 600


Designed specifically for reading EID tags with a TWR Weigh Scale. This fixed, hands-free antenna panel automatically scans EID tags as animals walk past or are being weighed in a crush or race. EID tag numbers are recorded within the connected TWR Weigh Scale. 


The TWR Antenna Panel comes complete with a 6m long cable and able to be plugged straight into a TWR Weigh Scale – removing the need for an EID Tag Reader Controller. The TWR EID Tag Reader Antenna Panel makes EID reading quick and easy. With no calibration required, the antenna will automatically tune to your TWR Weigh Scale. Simply mount the panel to the side of your weigh location or race and connect to your TWR Weigh Scale to start collecting EID data today. 

1 Year Warranty


Quick and superior reading performance  

Up to 1.2m read range when an animal walks past or is being weighed in a crush or race 


Easy installation with all hardware included  

Simply mount panel using reinforced mounting hardware within your yards and plug the 6m long cable in to your TWR Weigh Scale 


Reads all ISO electronic identification (EID) ear tags 

Compatible with half duplex (HDX) and full duplex (FDX-B) electronic identification ear tags 


No EID Reader calibration required 

Antenna automatically tunes to your TWR Weigh Scale, no fiddling or calibration required 


Highly visible yellow coating 

Bright yellow polyurethane cables for high visibility in the yards  


Reliable and secure connection 

Cables are fitted with high quality, waterproof connectors to connect to your hardware 


Tough, farm ready exterior 

Fully sealed, waterproof construction built to withstand the harshest of farming environments 


External power source – no charging required 

The antenna panel is powered by the connected EID controller or TWR Scale 




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