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2mm Poly Wire

A cost-effective wire for controlling animals behind shorter lengths of portable electric fencing. Poly Wires with less than 3mm in diameter are often used on fencing reels for rotational grazing or short-term animal control of cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs for fence lines shorter than 200m.


Poly Wire consists of six conductive stainless-steel strands to provide standard levels of conductivity with 6,000 Ohms/km of resistance*. To maintain enough power on fence lines longer than 200m, Gallagher recommends using Turbo Wire or Turbo Braid for reliable animal control.

CAD$47.99 - CAD$88.99
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  • G620 2mm Poly Wire, Front Facing
1 Year Warranty


Lightweight, portable electric fence wire for shorter fence lines

Reliable and portable electric fence wire for powering less than 200m


Standard conductivity rating

Consists of six conductive stainless-steel strands with 6,000 Ohms/km of resistance*


Ready to use and spool on to fencing reels

Fit up to 500m of Poly Wire on to the Gallagher Geared Reel range

Also available with 500m pre-wound on to Gallagher Geared Reels


Streamlined, low profile wire – ideal for windy conditions

2mm diameter wire maintains tension and reduces movement or rubbing in high wind environments


Long Life, UV resistant materials

Quality design and hard-wearing materials for longer life


*Resistance (Ohms/km) refers to the conductivity of the product. Low resistance (i.e., 110 Ohms/km) means power moves easier down the fence line, maintaining higher conductivity and voltage further down the fence line.

Gallagher always recommends turbo products for superior electric fence performance.




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    • Voltage (kV) at 1km of fence
    • Voltage (kV) at 500m of fence
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