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Smart Fence 2


A completely portable, instant, all in one electric fence system. Combining posts, reels, and wire in one easily transportable package. A versatile fencing solution that is ideal for remote grazing areas and temporary fencing solutions such as temporary paddocks subdivision, orchard grazing, roadside grazing, tree/baleage protection, temporary fencing at horse, sheep or other livestock shows and many more.  


This 4 wire fence line (3 x poly braid, 1 x turbo braid) reaches 100m in length and 900mm in height.  


Simply connect to any energizer or an existing electric fence for an instant portable electric fence. The Smart Fence can also be expanded further by connecting to another Smart Fence.  

1 Year Warranty


All-in-one, fully integrated fence lines 

Consisting of 4 fence wires, nine fence standards and one main end post. The Smart Fence portable, instant, all in one electric fence system 


Temporary paddock creation or fence line of any shape 

Adjustable guy ropes for stabilising corner posts allow you to create a temporary paddock in any shape required, up to 100m long
Connect to another Smart Fence to extend the length of your fence


Lightweight, easily transportable package  

Fence posts lock into position for a tidy stowaway packaging with integrated carry handle making transportation easy 


Patented anti-tangling tensioning system 

Self-tensioning fence line system prevents frustrating and time wasting fence tangles during set up or reeling in 


Multi-reel housing that is quick to wind in 

Consisting of four integrated 100m reels, the unique multi-reel housing is designed with wide spools for quick wire retrieval 


Easy and versatile electrification 

Simply connect to any energizer or an existing electric fence to electrify the fence line, forming an effective barrier to contain livestock 


Easy to maintain and repair for years of use 

Fully serviceable components with built-in tensioners designed large enough to allow for knots to pass through. Making repairing the fence line easy and non-obtrusive to the Smart Fence housing  


Easily tighten your fence line with built-in wire tension system 

Enables four wires to be independently tensioned by simply turning the crank handle, providing even tension across all 4 wires 

Poly Braid, Turbo Braid



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