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MBS1000i Multi Powered Fence Energizer


This Multi Powered i Series Energizer range has all the smarts of the i Series system with the the ability to power your energizer your way - Mains, battery or solar.


This energizer provides fence information at a glance, informing you of any problems immediately so you can take action to save time and money.


A better view of your fence


Simply connect your i Series Energizer to an App Gateway, use Bluetooth to sync to the i Series Ag Devices App and fence data will be sent straight to your pocket.

3 Year Warranty
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More power, where it matters

i Series technology delivers more power to the end of your fence line, adapting voltage output to power through fence faults


Peace of mind with advanced monitoring and remote technology

i Series accessories provide 24/7 remote monitoring and control. The Gallagher Ag Devices mobile app provides real-time information about your fence performance, alerts you of fence faults and allows you turn your fence on and off.


Power your fence, your way 

Mains, battery or solar. Energizer comes complete with a mains and battery lead set for all power source options (battery and solar panel sold separately for battery and solar powered solutions)


Engineered to perform in the harshest of farming conditions

Proven to perform in extreme temperatures, with built-in lightning protection

View fence performance in a convenient location
Energizer Controller shows your fence performance information in a convenient separate display that can be located outdoors up to 50m away from the Energizer


i Series Accessories: (sold separately) 

Fence Monitor 

Install up to six monitors on your fence line to measure performance in specific areas of your farm. Information is displayed on your Energizer Controller, Remote and Ag Devices App.


Remote & Fault Finder 
Saves hours searching for and fixing faults. Be led directly to the location of fence faults, turn the Energizer off remotely to allow for a safe and convenient repair then turn the power back on – all without needing to return to the Energizer.


WiFi Gateway & Ag Devices App 
Simply connect your i Series Energizer to a WiFi Gateway, download and sync the Ag Devices App and data will be sent straight to your phone. The Gallagher Ag Devices App provides real-time information about your fence performance, alerts you of fence faults and allows you turn your fence on and off.


Alarm System 
Secure farm assets. Monitor a section of fence and drive external strobe lights, sirens or alarm panels if the circuit is broken e.g. if a gate is opened or a wire is cut.

Mains, Battery, Solar

Any power source. Anywhere.

Designed for mains, battery or solar installations. No matter what your power source or location, the new Gallagher MBS Energizer range provides a superior and convenient animal control solution.


Watch this video to see how you can install the MBS2800i using a solar panel setup!



    • Model
    • Energy (output)
    • Energy (stored)
    • Multiwire Distance (Gallagher Recommendation)
    • Multiwire Distance (ideal conditions)
    • Outdoors Suitable
    • Power Source
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