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1500kg Load Bars


Fit for purpose, low profile load bar that is suitable for weighing with cattle platforms and sheep crates. Widely used for weighing young cattle, lamb and sheep.


Made from hot-dip galvanised steel, these load bars provide a tough, yet portable solution that can weigh up to 1500kg loads. Designed to fit securely under most platforms up to 600mm wide, all you need from a load bar to start weighing.  


Note: These load bars are not suitable for installation under a cattle crush or chute.

  • G06500 1500kg Loadbars 30 Degrees with shadows
2 Year Warranty


Low profile, fit for purpose load bar  

580mm/23” length suitable for up to 1500kg/3330lb loads 


Versatile load bar for platform weighing 

Lightweight, portable design that fits under most cattle platforms, sheep crates or wool presses 


Easy to secure and install in your weighing yards 

Protruding load feet with mounting holes to easily secure the load bars to the ground and top mounting holes to secure the platform 


Long-life design 

Fully galvanized steel chassis construction ready for farming environments 


Reliable and secure weigh scale connection 

6m long polyurethane cables with added protection near the load bar, fitted with waterproof weigh scale connectors 


No weigh scale calibration required 

Compatible with the full Gallagher Weigh Scale range without needing to calibrate for accuracy. Also compatible with most other makes and models of weigh scale




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