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Satellite Water Monitoring System w/10ft Sensor Cable


The Satellite Liquid Monitoring System collects level data from your tank and delivers daily level updates to the accompanying app. 
Using low-power and secure satellite connection, this solution is ideal for properties that have limited cellular or wi-fi coverage. The system is so easy to use it can be installed and activated in minutes and is so versatile it can be used to monitor all your liquid assets like water, diesel or fertiliser and can be installed on tanks, dams, troughs, or irrigation. 
How it works 
As a satellite orbits the earth and passes over your device, it will collect daily reads of your tank level. Time interval between reads will vary. 


On your app, you’ll then see your tank level data that was captured when the satellite passed over your device and collected a “read”. 



First year subscription is included with the purchase of the device. An active satellite connection is required to use the device and an annual fee per device will apply after the first year. App powered by Gasbot™. 


What’s in the box 

  • 1x bot 

  • 1x Protection Cover 

  • 1x 8m Liquid Level Sensor Cable 

  • 1x Cable Management Mounting Base 

  • 4x tech screws 

  • 1x Quick Start Guide 

2 Year Warranty


Daily tank level updates 

Ideal for large farms or remote properties where cellular or Wi-Fi communications are weak or unavailable, the Satellite Liquid Monitoring System captures tank level data daily and sends the information to your phone via the app. Time internal between reads will vary. 


Versatile liquid monitoring 

A tank level system that's so versatile, it can monitor your liquid assets like water, diesel or liquid fertiliser and it can be installed in tanks, dams, troughs or irrigation. 


Powerful yet easy-to-use app 

The intuitive app opens a world of liquid monitoring capabilities: create multiple assets under a single login, customise asset settings, view historical levels in 3,7 or 30 days, view all assets in map mode, and add your team to receive the alerts via email or text if the levels go above or beyond threshold. 


So easy to install, you can be up and running in minutes

Simple system components, easy-to-follow set-up instructions straight from the packaging and intuitive app interface all contribute to a simple installation and activation experience. 
Scan the QR codes on the packaging and be guided each step of the way on how to install and activate your device. 

A better view of your water.

  • Micro-satellite technology provides water tank level monitoring for properties where cellular or Wi-Fi reception are weak or unavailable.
  • Regular tank-level updates sent straight to your phone.
  • Easy to install and activate all-in-one water tank monitoring system.


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