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Water Flow Indicator

Find leaks easier by installing this water flow indicator in your water lines, at important junctions of your system to visually check for abnormal water flow. The dual color impeller visually shows water direction and speed allowing you to monitor and easily identify leaks.

Size Variant
2 Year Warranty


Save Time

Find water leaks faster by installing at important junctions in your system.

Easy to View

Dual colour impeller visually shows water direction and speed.

Easy to clean

Includes a union joint to allow you to unscrew and remove dirt build up and algae growth.

Compatible with standard pipe fittings

Available in 1 ¼” (32mm) and 2” (50mm) sizes.

Industry standard quality

16 Bar high pressure rating and UV protected materials.


Water Flow Indicator - Features & How-To's


Gallagher and farmer inventor Murray Jones have developed an award-winning water monitoring tool to help farmers save time by finding leaks faster.


Inspired by pure frustration, Murray Jones was sick of forever going around his farm looking for water leaks and was told by his wife that he’d talked about it enough and it was time to get on and do it.


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