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TW-3 Weigh Scale & Data Collector


Simple to operate, market-leading touch screen weigh scale with the added ability to record animal life data and traits. Ideally suited to farmers wanting to record and review more information than simply weight, the TW-3 can record up to 3 traits per session.  


The touch screen weigh scale range makes weighing and data management easier than ever before with simple navigation and easy to use interface that was designed in partnership with farmers. The TW-3 has the added convenience of a full QWERTY keyboard to make data entry faster and easier.  


View, manage and analyse your animal data, all within the weigh scale or connect to WiFi and sync your data with your Animal Performance web & mobile app for seamless data management and analysis tools across all your devices.  


Find out more about the option to boost your TW-3’s data recording and drafting capabilities here.

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2 Year Warranty


Market leading touch screen technology 

Bright, high clarity, outdoor-readable touch screen. A large 7” screen is easily read in direct sunlight 


Sync your animal data without leaving the yards  

WiFi connectivity allows you to synchronise your animal data straight to the Gallagher Animal Performance web and mobile app, ensuring all livestock information is up-to-date and available on your mobile app, P.C and other weighing hardware  


Simple to navigate and execute tasks 

Extremely intuitive, easy to use interface that was designed in partnership with farmers. Made even simpler with the convenience of a full QWERTY keyword to make data entry easier and faster 


Collect and record medical doses, life data and traits with ease 

Collect, record and review more information than simply just weight. Record up to 3 extra pieces of animal life data,  or traits, activities or treatments per session. including condition score, weight based calculation, medication doses etc 


Onboard help, 24/7 

The entire product manual is loaded into the product. No matter where you are, or what you are trying to do help is only one click away and tailored to the screen you are currently on 


Animal notes and note alerts 

Record notes against animals on the spot for later review and stop any action until acknowledged by the operator 


Animal data analysis on device 

View individual weight gain graphs and weight distribution plots for all animals in a weighing session at any time, including while an animal is being weighed 


Flexible connectivity options for all use cases 

Whether connecting to drafters or readers via a serial cable, to a PC via USB, or utilising the Bluetooth and WiFi wireless options for portable EID reading or uploading data, the TW-1 has every option available 


Sort your animals in up to 9 groups with custom drafting 

Draft or sort up to 9 groups by weight, weight gain, predetermined EID list or by recorded life data and traits identified with bright coloured drafting groups. The TW-3 can also drive an automatic drafting gate 


No loadbar cables needed – compatible with Wireless Loadbars 

Bluetooth connectivity to Wireless Loadbars removes the hassle and risk of cables being chewed by rodents, stood on by stock or damage to traditional scale connectors 


Tough, rugged exterior 

Farm ready design, and toughened, scratch proof glass screen makes it suitable for all environments 


Flexible installation options 

Includes adjustable mounting bracket and hardware for optimum screen visibility or easily used sitting flat or handheld  


The complete package 

Includes tough and convenient Gallagher carry case, adjustable mounting bracket and mounting hardware, microfiber screen cloth, battery charging cable, mains charging cable, and USB cable for PC connection 


How to use Gallagher's TW Weigh Scale


Gallagher's Global Operations Manager Dan Loughnane demonstrates how to start and edit a weighing session on the new Gallagher Touch Screens Weigh Scales.



    • Model
    • Compatible with Gallagher Livestock web/mobile app
    • Drafting
    • EID Compatible
    • Intergrated EID Reader
    • Internal rechargeable battery
    • Number of Traits Recorded
    • View Pedigree Tree
    • Wifi

    TW Scale Indicator Simulator

    Our Touch Screen Scale Simulator allows you to explore seven of the most commonly performed tasks. Select a button below to get started. Please note in this simulation we use kilograms. Users have the option of setting their measurement preference to pounds.

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